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m-flo's new album "NEVEN" + single "LOVER" featuring undisclosed singer (Miliyah Kato, duh)

Exactly one year after releasing "SQUARE ONE", their first original album in five years, m-flo is set to release their seventh original album titled "NEVEN" on March 13.

A new single titled "LOVER" will be released on February 6, and following the style of its predecessor "TONITE" single and "SQUARE ONE" album, it features an "unknown vocalist".

A preview of the song "LOVER" was published on the official m-flo YouTube channel:

Tracklist for the new single:

01. LOVER / m-flo
02. ONE DAY (KREVA Remix) / m-flo loves Miliyah Kato
03. Baby I See You feat. VERBAL (m-flo) / Miliyah Kato

ナタリー, エキサイト

OP is speechless
Tags: m-flo, miliyah kato

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