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Info on √5's Dasoku's solo debut single "Never Ending"

"Never Ending" is a single by √5 member, Dasoku under the Avex label. Though this is not his first release, it is his first release under a major label. Thus this being his solo debut.
The first track song, 'Never Ending' will serve as the ending theme for the anime 'Kingdom'. The single is set to be released on the 30th of January. It comes in two versions, CD only and CD+DVD. The Animate shop bonus for both editions is a set of three bromides (2 shots of Dasoku, 1 Moka).

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source: 1, Clock08 @ tumblr

He announced it a month ago but I actually forgot about it. Between this, their on year anniversary and the upcoming album, I'm sure their fans are content.
Tags: anime/animation, debut, music/musician, pv

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