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Big Bang Wraps Up Overseas Phase of World Tour in Osaka


Big Bang concluded the overseas portion of its world tour with its concert in Osaka, Japan.

Big Bang′s Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour gathered 800,000 people around the world, the largest record for a Korean singer to date, and continued to sell out tickets for its concerts wherever it went. The group traveled 144,689km in total for its journey through the Americas, Europe and Asia, flying a distance that would have let them circle the earth three and a half times.

The concerts held in Osaka′s Kyosera Dome from January 12-13 were welcomed by 100,000 fans in the city.

The members especially heightened anticipation for the year to come, revealing their plans for the new year.

G-Dragon announced that he would be touring Japan′s Domes as the first Korean solo artist to do so and release a new single, while Taeyang also said he was preparing a new solo album. T.O.P stated that he was 90 percent done with filming for his film The Alumni. Daesung will release a solo album in Japan and hold an exclusive concert, and Seungri will continue to appear in local dramas. The announcements showed Big Bang planned to concentrate on individual promotions for the first half of 2013.


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