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Members of Nogizaka46 celebrate ‘Coming of Age Day’


On January 13th, Nogizaka46 members Shiraishi Mai, Hashimoto Nanami, Eto Misa, and Matsumura Sayuri celebrated their coming-of-age day (seijin no hi) at Nogi Shrine in Minato, Tokyo.

When asked about her ideal adult female image, Matsumura responded, “Even today, my hair style is the only one that’s flamboyant and ruffled, so from now on, I want to bring out an adult’s sex appeal. I will aim for a sex appeal that is half of Danmitsu-san.

After the ceremony at the shrine, the girls appeared in front of reporters with a tense look. Hashimoto commented, “I want to climb the stairs of an adult by accomplishing the responsibilities of a 20-year-old.” Shiraishi added, “By wearing a furisode (long-sleeved kimono), it seems real that I’ve become an adult.” Meanwhile, Eto stated, “I want to have fun in my 20’s.

The girls also commented on things they want to challenge themselves to now that they’ve become adults. Shiraishi said, “I want to do things alone, like eating ramen alone. Please leave me be if I’m by myself in the city,” while Eto declared, “There are no members who have their driver’s license, so I want to be the first and take everyone out for a drive.

Hashimoto shared that the coming-of-age day ceremony in her hometown of Hokkaido will be held on the 14th. “I have a handshake event tomorrow. I’m going to have my fans celebrate it for me,” she said.

Source & Photos: Mantan Web & tokyohive

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