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8:22 pm - 01/15/2013

9 members of SKE48 announce their graduation from the group

It was announced that SKE48 members Kuwabara Mizuki, Takada Shiori, Hiramatsu Kanako (team S), Akaeda Ririna, Ogiso Shiori (team KII), Ueno Kasumi, Hara Minami (team E) and Kobayashi Emiri (Kenkyuusei) will be graduating from the group.

The announcement was made during the SKE48 team KII’s theater performance “Ramune no Nomikata” held on January 15th after the PV for “Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi” was introduced to the audience.

The 8 girls above, and Yagami Kumi who previously announced her graduation, are participating in “Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi” which is one of the coupling tracks for SKE48’s upcoming single “Choco no Dorei” (to be released on January 30th), under the unit name of “Tabidachi Sotsugyou-gumi“. The PV for “Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi” will be revealed on January 16th at 8:00 am (JST) on SKE48’s official YouTube channel.

Reportedly, those members were consulting about their potential graduation last summer, and according to Yuasa Hiroshi, the SKE48 theater manager, “The girls’ activities as members of SKE48 are just a temporary passing point in their lives. Though it’s a sad thought to lose any of them, I thought it was best to not get in the way of their ultimate goals in life.. As the result of consultation with Akimoto Sensei (Akimoto Yasushi), it was decided that the graduating members would sing the song together.”

Reportedly, the 9 members’ graduation will be sometime in this spring.

- Kobayashi Emiri
“After facing with my father’s death last year, I started thinking about my future, and I have decided to graduate. It’s not that everything was all happy and fun, but my activities in SKE48 will be something I can be proud for the rest of my life. After this, I want go on to the next stage of education, and find my new self.”

- Hara Minami
“I, who started as a 4th generation member when I was 14 years old, am now become 17 years old. I’ve experienced many things, such as team promotion, Senbatsu, and stage performances. In order for me to make use of the experiences, and to make my big dream come true, I have decided to graduate. I will never forget the time I spent in here, the memories with you, and of course SKE48.”

- Ueno Kasumi
“It’s been 3 years since I joined SKE48 as a third generation member, there were things I have gained and things I have lost. I am now a third‐year high school student, and it is about the time to attend university. I decided to graduate to focus on studies.”

- Ogiso Shiori
“Reaching the age of 20 last year which was the big turning point in my life, I started thinking about so many things. I wished to broaden my horizons at the time of my turning point, thus I decided to graduate.”

- Akaeda Ririna
“I will be in the second year of high school soon. As my friends are thinking about entering higher-level schools, I thought that I could not stay like this, therefore I decided to graduate. My 4 years of activities were so much fun.”

- Yagami Kumi
“Though I have announced my graduation earlier, please let me greet you one more time. As I announced previously, I decided to graduate so that I could see the bigger world. I am also ready to start over again. I know it would be hard, but I am also ready to overcome the hardships.”

- Hiramatsu Kanako
“I’ve been in the group for 4 and a half years since I joined as the first generation member. I faced my future for the first time when I broke my leg last year. In order for me to keep loving SKE48 and myself, I thought that it’s the best time to graduate. I found a place I could shine inside of my heart, and I would like to start the path towards that place.”

- Takada Shiori
“I have decided to graduate from SKE48. I entered the group when I was a high school student, and I had the opportunity to meet so many people until now. I was happy to be able to meet you all who always supported me, and I think that is the best boast for me. I love fashion, and I do not want to stop the feeling right there. I want to try my best toward my dream.”

- Kuwabara Mizuki
“I also decided my graduation. My activity in SKE48 was not the goal for me from the start. I want to take the second step toward my dream.”

mighty_orange 15th-Jan-2013 09:37 pm (UTC)
Awww man. I understand their reasons, but still :( And there goes like half of the ske members I actually knew anything about.

Also, this unfortunately makes that cyzo article about jurina's health more credible since they mentioned a ske mass graduation being held back to '13 on account of nmb being a hot mess with members dropping like flies last year.
hina 15th-Jan-2013 09:51 pm (UTC)
That article was the first thing I thought of when I heard about this.
hippoponic 15th-Jan-2013 09:51 pm (UTC)
Nnnnooo Ogiso and Kuwabara too?? all my favorites are leaving me T_T
harukakamiya 15th-Jan-2013 10:32 pm (UTC)

KASUSUUUUUUUU T______________T
shueisha 16th-Jan-2013 12:40 am (UTC)
I was bummed about Mizuki graduating because she's one of my faves, but after reading her message (along with the others), I'm happy to see that for them, this is just one piece out of the whole picture. Good luck!
bear100 16th-Jan-2013 03:52 am (UTC)
damn, this is crazy :-/
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