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HKT48 to release their debut single on March 20th


It was announced tha AKB48’s hakata-based sister group HKT48 will be releasing their debut single that is currently untitled, on March 20th. The oldest member of the group Sashihara Rino eagerly said, “The date has finally been set. I want people all over Japan to know the charms of HKT48!

They are the 4th group out of the AKB groups in Japan to make their major debut. AKB48 was first in October of 2006 SKE48 followed in August of 2009, an NMB48 as third in July of 2011. They’re also the youngest group to debut with an average age of 14.9 years old.

The debut single will be released in 3 versions; Type-A, B, and C, and each version will come with a DVD.

With the announcement of their debut single release date, it was also announced that one of the tracks in the single “Onegai Valentine” has been chosen as the CM song for Lotte’s “Ghana Milk Chocolate.”

The 2nd generation Kenkyuusei, Tashima Meru commented, “I am so excited that our long-cherished CD debut has been set! I want many people to know about HKT, and with our youthfulness and freshness, I hope we can show a different color from other 48 groups.” The center of the group Kodama Haruka also spoke about the CM tie-up, “I’m really happy! I want many people to listen to the song, including those who want to confess your love on the Valentine’s day.

Source : tokyohive

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