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AKB48’s Kobayashi Kana rumored to be in a relationship with former Johnny’s


Rumors have been spreading across the web that AKB48 member Kobayashi Kana is in a relationship with a former Johnny’s actor.

The rumor spread on January 13th when a convenience store worker tweeted that Kobayashi came to the store with a man who is said to be her boyfriend. This tweet became a controversy among fans and Kobayashi herself came to know about it. She denied the rumors saying, “I was surprised when I woke up and checked Twitter! I don’t even have a Sunkus (convenience store) near my home. Even though it’s false information, thank you for worrying about me.

The convenience store worker received many complaints from Kobayashi’s fans and closed the Twitter account, but the uproar didn’t end there. Another friend of the worker refuted Kobayashi’s tweet and insisted that the reports weren’t lies. Regarding the man said to be her boyfriend, the friend disclosed that he’s a former Johnny’s actor.

Kobayashi continued to deny the rumor with, “You can write anything.” She even showed composure saying, “I’m happy that my name was mentioned,” and “This is nothing out of the ordinary if it were a more famous person.” However, there is still a stir among fans as Kobayashi and her rumored boyfriend have tweeted and blogged about similar things at same timing in the past.

Kobayashi joined AKB48 back in 2006 along with member Oshima Yuko, Akimoto Sayaka, and Kasai Tomomi.

Source : tokyohive

Surprise. Wonder who is the former Johnnys...
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