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Kusanagi Tsuyoshi to Appear in a Talk Show in Korea

SMAP‘s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who goes by the name of “Gang Chonan” in Korea, will be appearing in a Korean talk show titled “Hiza uchi dōshi” (Knee drop guru). Tsuyoshi will be the 2nd foreign celebrity guest that was invited by the show after the Wachowski’s Brothers. The said episode will be broadcasted on Jan 27th.

Tsuyoshi became famous in Korea after he hosted a show titled “Chonan Gang”, which introduces Korean culture and guests. He even released a song, titled: “Ai no Uta /Jeongmal Salangheayo” for his Korean fans.

Moreover, Korean actor Cha Seung-Won might also appear in the said show. Cha and Tsuyoshi have recently appeared in a stage play “Boku ni Hono no Sensha wo” last year.

“Hiza uchi dōshi” (Knee drop guru) is a popular segment of Golden Fishery wherein guests seeks the guru’s advice for their problems. However, the “Knee-drop guru” is also known for asking tough questions, which could lead to guests other things aside from their problems.

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