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12:52 pm - 01/18/2013

Square Enix Poll: Favorite Female Final Fantasy Character

The Japanese game developer Square Enix posted the results on Thursday for a poll for fans' favorite female character from the company's Final Fantasy franchise. The poll was held on Square Enix's Final Fantasy 25th anniversary commemoration forums. Forum members could vote for one character only, and if they voted for more than one character, only the first vote counted.


1LightningFinal Fantasy XIII
2AerithFinal Fantasy VII
3YunaFinal Fantasy X
4TifaFinal Fantasy VII
5CelesFinal Fantasy VI
6Tina (Terra)Final Fantasy VI
7SerahFinal Fantasy XIII
8GarnetFinal Fantasy IX
8FarisFinal Fantasy V
10RinoaFinal Fantasy VIII
10RydiaFinal Fantasy IV
12SelphieFinal Fantasy VIII
13RikkuFinal Fantasy X
14BeatrixFinal Fantasy IX
14YuffieFinal Fantasy VII
16AsheFinal Fantasy XII
17RosaFinal Fantasy IV
17EikoFinal Fantasy IX
17AgriasFinal Fantasy Tactics

Square Enix noted that Lightning had won the poll above Aerith by a narrow margin.

my favs didn't make it.. >_<
oh well..


norringtons 19th-Jan-2013 05:18 am (UTC)
I think they were trying to make the female equivalent of Cloud Strife, and failed miserably. Qualities that made Cloud endearing and memorable didn't translate well to Lightning. She came off as pompous, cold, and arrogant. How do you even BEGIN to like a character like her? There's nothing to latch onto emotionally, like other FF characters.

Well, that's opening up a whole can of worms...Personally I feel Enix focused too much on gameplay and graphics and the look of the game, and lost focus on their characters. Everyone in the game comes off as cold and lacks a personality. I do like Vanille though. But yeah, basically everything you said!
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