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Yamapi and Imada Koji Attend Press Conference for their New Variety Show

Last Jan 17th, Yamashita Tomohisa and Imada Koji attended the press conference at Odaiba, Tokyo for Fuji TV’s latest variety show, titled: “Generation Tengoku“. The two will serve as the program’s main host.

In the new program, each episode will have a talk battle represented by different generations, such as: “Modern Mango Generation” (10-20 age group), “Peak Period Kiwi Generation” (40-50 age group) and “Time of Creation Banana Generation” (60s age group). This is Yamashita’s 1st time to host a variety show and admitted to feeling awkward and nervous.

When asked if the two have managed to get closer, “Not yet,” Imada commented, “it’s hard to work when you’re standing next to a good looking guy. [When I look at Yamapi], I could only think of, ‘what a good-looking man!’”. Yamapi responded, “we have only recorded once, so I hope that we will eventually get closer in the future.”

“Generation Tengoku” will start airing on Jan 28th at 8PM (JST) but the 1st episode will air at 7PM (JST).

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