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Marketing firm turns to Japanese girls’ thighs for advertising


Traditional advertising on such media as TV and billboards is so year 2000. With the ad industry now scrambling to find what’s the next big thing and still navigating the waters of social media, a marketing firm thinks Japanese girls’ thighs may just be the answer.

Wit Inc has started paying Japanese girls to wear sticker brands on their thighs or what’s referred o as ‘zettai ryouiki’, the area between the hem of a skirt and the top of a long sock. It literally means “absolute territory” and has been the source of fascination by manga cartoonists and old men. Frankly, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for the ad industry to take advantage of this “fetish” of sorts. The girls who can qualify to be used as models must have a certain amount of fans or friends on a social media platform. They must photograph themselves with the sticker visible in the pictures in at least two locations and then upload the pictures on their social networks. They can get paid up to $121 for a whole day of wearing the sticker.

Of course, the moral issues of this kind of advertising are many and conflicting. Some might say that this takes feminism back to the dark ages because once again, women’s bodies are being objectified. But some modern feminists might also think that the women are using their “sovereignty” over their own bodies to control the message of a brand and get paid for it as well. What everyone can agree on is that this is another murky line between advertising and exploitation. Let the debates begin.

japan daily press

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