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Maeda Atsuko, Golden Bomber, and more join Softbank CM

It’s been revealed that former AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko, air rock band Golden Bomber, and actresses Kiki Kirin and Koshiba Fuka will be appearing in Softbank Mobile’s new ‘Shirato Family‘ CM series. On January 18th, a press conference was held in Tokyo.

As the new CM will promote the ‘White Gakuwari with Kazoku‘ plan, Maeda attended the event dressed as a teacher, while the rest of the cast wore student uniforms. Golden Bomber’s Kiryuin Sho commented, “I’m surprised that we’re going to be in a CM,” and Maeda said, “I’m happy to join the most famous family in Japan.”

Kiki, who appeared in a school girl uniform and silver bobbed hair, said, “I’m now 70-years-old. Even though I’m 70, I’m forever learning. In that sense, this CM is perfect for me.” Meanwhile, Golden Bomber’s Darvish Kenji commented, “Since this was my first CM, I was able to be a good son.”

During this event, it was announced that professional soccer player Kagawa Shinji will also serve as the CM character. He will appear in the ‘Shirato Family’ series, and the preview CM will air starting January 19th. Kagawa commented, “This time, I wasn’t able to meet and shoot with the Shirato Family, but I’m already looking forward to meeting and co-starring with them.”

Source : tokyohive

Nice lineup there. Acchan as a teacher? XD And wow, Kagawa Shinji is there!
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