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6:01 pm - 01/20/2013

[GOO Ranking] Johnny’s you’d want to release a Solo Album

18. Aiba Masaki (298 votes)
17. Okada Junichi (306 votes)
16. Masuda Takahisa (331 votes)
15. Higashiyama Noriyuki ( votes)
14. Sakamoto Masayuki ( votes)
13. Nagase Tomoya ( votes)
12. Takizawa Hideaki ( votes)
11. Tegoshi Yuya ( votes)
10. Yamada Ryosuke (743 votes)
9. Matsumoto Jun (758 votes)
8. Nishikido Ryo (916 votes)
7. Sakurai Sho (1116 votes)
6. Shibutani Subaru (1314 votes)

5. Kamenashi Kazuya (1325 votes)

4. Ninomiya Kazunari (1723 votes)

3. Ikuta Toma (1789 votes)

2. Kimura Takuya (1815 votes)

1. Ohno Satoshi (7495 votes)

lilly0 20th-Jan-2013 05:36 pm (UTC)
Ryo, Subaru, Kimura (Shintaku duet release would be cool too :D), Sakamoto - These are the guys who produced/wrote/sang/composed some of my favourite solo songs. I like their solos out of various reasons.
I love Nagase, but he already is the lead-singer of his band, so... :-) (though his unplugged concert was awesome)

All of Arashi!? Seriously? They are one of my fav bands, but... Though, I think Nino would be kinda interesting. Niji <3 Jun, Sho and Aiba though... However, I might just buy a solo release from them, because I like them. (*g*)
With some of the guys it really depends on the genre for me. A musical-song release from Kame would be interesting for example. Most of his solo songs were great!

I personally would love an enka album from Subaru. Or a solo release from Ryo with some of his soft-rock songs.

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yoru_no_hikaru 22nd-Jan-2013 09:32 am (UTC)
LOL! I would expect that in a Top 20s list for JE artists only all of Arashi would appear. I mean, that's actually a lot of ranks, so I'm really not surprised. XD I am amazed, though, how much support Toma gets. O_O I wouldn't have expected that.

Personally, I vote Kame (love your idea of a Dream Boys cd release, btw <3 ), Ryo-chan and Yara. ^^

As for Toma, as much as I love him, somehow I have stopped thinking of him as an "idol" as such a long time ago and I think it would be totally weird to see him jumping around in a JE PV. @_@
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