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12:46 pm - 01/22/2013

【Playstation 4】 Sony President Hints at Letting Microsoft Move First in Next Gen Console War


Ah, the video game rumour mill! There’s none better when it comes to excited fans and the thirst for knowledge.

With the current generation of consoles now starting to show their age and high-end PC users increasingly looking back as if to say “What the hell are you guys still doing back there?” news and rumour of the next wave of video game consoles is slowly heating up. While some gaming pundits maintain that we’re still years away from getting new Sony and Microsoft toys, others are, with a healthy dollop of optimism, hoping to see next-gen console gaming before the end of 2014.

While there are still next to no confirmed crumbs of information about the next crop of machines for gamers to stuff into their hungry mouths, Sony’s Corporation’s president and CEO Kazuo Hirai went on record yesterday to speak about the launch of Sony’s new technology, hinting that gamers may have to wait until after Microsoft makes its move for details of the next Playstation.

Japanese CEO Kazuo Hirai – or “Kaz” to his fans – told Britain’s The Times newspaper that he felt it better to let the competitors wheel out their next console before Sony does so:

“Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Whether this means that Sony’s console will arrive on the market after Microsoft’s rumoured Xbox 360 successor, or simply that Sony will hold off any official announcement of its new hardware specs until Microsoft has done so, is not clear. What it does mean is that gamers across the world just got that bit more excited and will be getting even twitchier than usual in the run up to the E3 convention in Los Angeles this June.


memorian 22nd-Jan-2013 08:30 am (UTC)
lol I actually wish that Playstation Console in the picture was looks cool to me.
atelierlune 22nd-Jan-2013 12:28 pm (UTC)
Next? I still can't afford the last one!
kushina 22nd-Jan-2013 02:54 pm (UTC)
gdi. My PS3 is barely three years old.
fictionitusxd 22nd-Jan-2013 06:07 pm (UTC)
Seconded. I just want more time with the old girl... you know?
royu_kiyo 22nd-Jan-2013 03:36 pm (UTC)
That pic above looks sick. Would get it if I wasn't broke. T_T
eishastan 22nd-Jan-2013 04:42 pm (UTC)
Lbr there's not much you can do with the next generation in terms of graphics and performance, we've already reached it's limit imo, the only thing i can think about is 3D. It will all be about how the console looks and the games, and letting them go first is letting them win again.

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sunleth 22nd-Jan-2013 10:45 pm (UTC)
How can they have reached their limit if they can't even compete with PC's graphics and performance?
eishastan 23rd-Jan-2013 12:19 am (UTC)
You must have a very nice graphics card, RAM and processor.

I've never been into pc games that are not the sims so i'm ignorant about pc games vs console ones. And imo console games have reached a max level, it varies from game to game but what they could improve is mínimum or irrelevant, but that's just me, i think that other than the Wii, Microsoft and Sony don't need a new console, just improve the ones they already have.

I mean the Wii u is basically an xbox 360 or ps3 many years later, i don't see anything ground breaking like i did with the previous consoles.
ambrosse 22nd-Jan-2013 06:38 pm (UTC)
I know that where I live, when Microsoft released the 360, everyone freaked and out and bought one. Then when PS3 was released later, it was having a hard time (less buyers, smaller game selection). HOWEVER, Microsoft chose HDDVD instead of Blu-ray like Sony did. During that battle, it was unclear whether one digital media form would kick the other.
You could say that it was luck, but at least from where I live, people were buying more Blu-ray than HDDVD because it was more wide-spread. -shrugs-

Now people are getting rid of their Xbox 360s (media frustrations and the every rising cost of online play) and buying PS3s (free online gaming, blu-ray player).

Sony waited a bit longer to release the PS3, but I think they had a better handle on the long-term, while Microsoft felt that they must make their console better, despite most of their bestselling games, people will buy for PC anyway (I know I do XD).

It is a strategic move by Sony to wait and watch the market before releasing anything set-in-stone.

But then again, Sony and Microsoft pitch to different demographics in the gaming I dunno! XD
stole_away 23rd-Jan-2013 08:00 am (UTC)
thought that pic was real, looks so good
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