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Shionoya Sayaka's debut

Birth date: 1994.3.12

In 2011, Sayaka participated in “EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~ For Girls ~” sponsored by LDH Inc..
Among about 30,000 applicants, she was chosen from the finalists of the vocal department, and attracted much attention at once.
In 2012, she won in “KING RECORDS Presents Dream Vocal Audition” among about 10,000 applicants.
She won the grand prize “Dream Vocalist loved by ViVi” and grasped the ticket of the major debut.
With her inborn voice quality of super presence and excellent vocalist’s power of expression, she is praised high in all respects.
In “TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2012A/W THE BEST VOCAL AUDITION”, she was chosen to be the most attracting female singer of next generation from the winners of female singers in many auditions during 2012.

Her major debut single "Dear Heaven" was released in 2013.01.23. The b-side "ONE" was her debut digital single released in 2012.10.24.

CD Tracklist
1. Dear Heaven
2. ONE
3. Calling Out
4. Dear Heaven -Instrumental-
5. ONE -Instrumental-
6. Calling Out -Instrumental- 
DVD Tracklist
1. Dear Heaven Music Video
2. Dear Heaven Music Video -Story Ver.- 

Dear Heaven PV short version

ONE PV short version

Calling out 
Listen to this wonderful b-side here

Dear Heaven live on Happy Music

Sources: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

I'm glad she didn't win that audition to become a FLOWER member. I think she's better as a solo artist, but will LDH promote her well?
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