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4:35 pm - 01/26/2013

SKE48's manager vows to kill himself if he ever has relations with one of the girls

SKE48's official youtube channel recently uploaded a video of SKE48's new manager. In the video he vows to not have an inappropriate relationship with any of the girls, and if it does happen in the future he will perform seppuku. Fans on 2ch became suspicious since he's good-looking, which prompted the video to be released in the first place. Also, back in 2010 there was rumors of SKE's old manager having sexual relations with one of the members.

hina 27th-Jan-2013 01:09 am (UTC)
There's more to this. Due to displeasure from fans, there's been a big shakeup in the 48group management team. This is Team K's old manager, who's been moved to SKE48. Fans are getting to vote on if they're happy with this or not, and currently they are not, because this guy is good looking + rumoured to used to date/sleep with Yuko. Which is why this vid was made; to assure the fans he def won't be boning the SKE members.

btw, other managers:
AKBs old manager was promoted to manager of all groups: fans are happy because Togasaki is amazing and lovely
SKEs old manager moved to AKB manager: fans unhappy because he is seen as the reason for the recent SKE graduations
NMB manager staying at NMB: fans happy because NMB are thriving under his management
HKT manger gone (i heard he's involved with SNH now?), new AKB-affliated guy brought in: fans happy because anything is better than HKTs old manager

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