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11:32 pm - 01/26/2013

[RUMOR] Aiba Masaki leaving Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen?

Watch Shimura doubutsuen 26/01/2013

Aiba Masaki, one of the co-hosts of the variety program 'Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen' since 2004, cried in the last episode. But it was broadcasted in cuts, so the reason he cried is unknown. (it will be shown next week probably)

He said:
19:10 - 誰もいないこのスタヂオで (dare mo inai kono sutadjo de) = In this empty studio(...)
40:30 - 好きなこと最後まで (Suki na koto saigo made) = (Doing) the things I like, till the end(...)

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What do you think this is all about Arama?
& Sorry for my awful English..

EDIT1: Replaced LQ video with HQ video

EDIT2: According to Yamakaze-san's update audiences who attented the shooting said he didn't cry because he is gonna leave TSD. (Maybe he cried because of a sad clip or something) But it's weird because he says 'in this empty studio'. It seems that we won't be 100% sure till next week..
martinrosem 27th-Jan-2013 06:11 am (UTC)
They've used Aiba crying as teasers in the past, though I don't remember it him actually saying anything. They've also done no live audience eps, and they're usually those 2hr SPs of heartbreaking clips. As to "Suki na koto saigo made," he could be refering to somebody else (an animal even). I'd probably cry if he did leave TSD. I just don't see any merit for him, or for the show in him leaving. :(
exdream1999 27th-Jan-2013 07:34 am (UTC)
The thing is, is that they've said if those previews were for 2 hour specials, those clips of Aiba crying doesn't specify when it's going to air, it just says "airing soon", that's what makes it so worrying.

Also, mixed in with those parts were previews that were specifically for next week's episode, it's only those clips of Aiba that don't say when the episode they're in will air.

As someone who's been watching Shimura Zoo for the past six-ish years, it doesn't really follow a preview pattern I've seen before.

As much I wish he wouldn't leave, nor can think of why he'd leave, that's the feeling I get from those clips, now if turns out to be something else, I'll be beyond happy.
martinrosem 27th-Jan-2013 09:39 am (UTC)
Yeah, I know in my heart that it doesn't really follow the examples I've stated above. :( I'm actually worried that it could also be a number of other things and not him leaving.
Oh, another thought I comfort myself with for the time being: They could have taped the show and were shown a really heartbreaking story, but the airdate is still undetermined because they're waiting on a conclusion to that story. Please excuse me if that sounds silly. :)
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