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Erika Sawajiri, star of Helter Skelter, wins third Japanese Academy Award

"Helter Skelter" has snagged an award of excellence at the 36th annual Japan Academy Awards (Best Actress in a Leading Role). The film's star, Erika Sawajiri, who won Newcomer of the Year and Topical Actress at the 29th ceremony seven years ago, has struck gold again this year.

The film, released in July 2012, is the motion picture adaptation of Kyoko Okazaki's classic cult themed manga of the same name. The movie became a hot topic after it was revealed it would be the return of Sawajiri to the silver screen after five years, and took in 2.1 billion yen (23,064,300 USD) at the box office.

Mika Ninagawa was awarded the Kaneto Shindo Silver Prize, and was selected by 30,000 gyaru as the best film of 2012, earling a GRP award. It also ranked at the #1 searched film on Yahoo! Japan's 2012 rankings, and it's clearly the top film of the fiscal year.

Translation: koutaishi
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