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1:25 am - 02/01/2013

Shirahama Alan’s agency releases statement regarding Shukan Bunshun’s report

On January 31, LDH the agency fo GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s Shirahama Alan, released a short statement regarding Shukan Bunshun’s report about his relationship with AKB48’s Minegishi Minami.

According to their comment, “We leave his private life up to him. He told us that they were nothing more than just good friends.

Shunkan Bunshun reported that Minegishi spent the night at Shirahama’s place, on the latest issue published on the 31st. It caused Minegishi’s demotion to Kenkyuusei, and she also posted an apology video on AKB48’s official YouTube channel with a shaved head.


 I hope more agencies would become like LDH in regards of dating rules. Thank you HIRO-papa <3

Edit: Wow those angry wotas hating on him. Some fans need to understand that he didn't do anything wrong nor is he able to fix anything. They should also stop calling him a coward with no balls who doesn't support his friend. You don't know what happened in private.

blackdevil2722 31st-Jan-2013 11:18 pm (UTC)
This whole incident is just very unfortunate. I don't think Miichan/AKB wotas should hate on him, nor try to drag him down and hope to see him go through some sort of punishment. It could be exactly like he'd told his agency, that he and Miichan were nothing more than good friends. You don't necessarily need to be lovers to spend a couple of hours at a male friend's home.

All that is obvious is...Miichan was at the losing end from the start. She's the idol, she's the one with all these relationship rules, and she should've known better. It's all just really sad and unlucky :(
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