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Namie Amuro Announces 39th Single "Big Boys Cry / Beautiful"

Namie Amuro will be releasing her 39th single, "Big Boys Cry / Beautiful", on March 6th.

The double A-side single will feature 2 songs that are being used as part of a series of KOSE ESPRIQUE commercials. "Beautiful" is the current song being used in the company's commercials, while "Big Boys Cry" will be featured in commercial starting at the end of February.

KOSE ESPRIQUE is a Japanese cosmetic brand that Amuro is a model and spokesperson for.

The upcoming release will only be available as a 4-track CD. A CD+DVD version has not been announced or listed on online music sites.

Check out the single's full track list below:

1. Big Boys Cry
2. Beautiful
3. Big Boys Cry (Instrumental Version)
4. Beautiful (Instrumental Version)

Source: jpopasia

i know there was a post about her releasing the single + a snippet of Big Boys Cry but this one is more detailed!
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