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Korean netizens furious over variety shows mistreatmeant of Japanese star Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

Article reaction #1 : 'Knee-Drop Guru' what was the point in inviting Kusanagi Tsuyoshi? A special that made your face burn in embarrassment

1. [+1,626, -48] I demand a public apology. What happened in this episode is equivalent to Yoo Jae Suk being mistreated in Japan. Kang Ho Dong failed to live up to his title of national MC, Yoo Se Yoon sat there imitating a monkey, and Kwanghee's overreactions to everything... The entire episode was like a box set of everything you would never want to happen in a respectable talk show. I wouldn't be this embarrassed if he had guested on Healing Camp or People Inside instead. Do they even know who this man is? Do they even know how much respect he gave to the Korean stars who guested on his own programs? The producers of Knee-Drop Guru made it obvious that they had absolutely no clue how important this man is, how much of a top star he is, how hard it is to even dream of having him guest on your show, how much he loves Korea... This will definitely leave an impact on the Korean stars advancing in Japan. For the Japanese to know that their star was treated in such a manner... If I were Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, I'd be gravely disappointed with the state of Korean variety shows.

2. [+1,169, -20] Knee-Drop Guru seriously needs to reflect over this ㅡㅡ

3. [+1,167, -16] I really wondered how they could act like that in front of a guest many could only dream of hosting... Kusanagi Tsuyoshi barely even began speaking before Cha Seung Won was brought in to take over the show. I thought there would be a part two to feature more of Kusanagi but it ended right then and there...

4. [+227, -3] First time in my life I ever felt apologetic to a Japanese...

5. [+174, -1] How could Kang Ho Dong not think of doing any extra research on his guests before bringing them?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lee Kyung Kyu researched and studied up on homosexual history knowing that he would be hosting Hong Suk Chun as a guest. Viewers were so impressed with the deep, well thought out questions that he had prepared beforehand and the discussions they brought about. This episode of Knee-Drop Guru made it painfully obvious that nobody knew a clue about Japan or their culture. If you're going to invite foreign guests on your show, do so without embarrassing the entire country! All the episode did was compare Korean and Japanese cultures to sound as if Korea was superior. Kang Ho Dong proved to be a loud mouthed MC with not a speck of respect for others. He should've researched beforehand about Japanese culture, who Kusanagi is, what the Japanese entertainment industry is like... They should already know that he's a member of SMAP, why would they force him to introduce himself? This episode was an absolute embarrassment to Korea. Kang Ho Dong and the producers are pathetic.

Article reaction #2 "'Knee-Drop Guru' reaches its limit with foreign guests... Kusanagi's episode brings awkward embarrassment"

1. [+447, -8] Kusanagi is Japan's top celebrity, someone who is actually well versed in Korean history and the country itself... He obviously knows that the Korean refer to the Japanese as monkies as a racial slur, so how in the world did the show think that it was appropriate to imitate a monkey in front of him? That is equivalent to a Japanese calling a Korean a josen jin to his face. For Kusanagi to have just laughed that off, it just proves what an amazing person he is. Kang Ho Dong said that he would be returning to his roots as a rookie... is that so?

2. [+400, -11] This is an absolute embarrassment. Not only am I embarrassed over the episode, but I also heard that stupid journalists called out racial slurs at the airport when he was leaving........ I'm so embarrassed... This was his first visit to Korea in a while... I really just want foreigners to come to Korea and only leave with the best memories... No words can express my disappointment.

3. [+290, -5] The episode made him out to be some Japanese comedian and turned him into a joke with the constant references to the battle of Korean vs Japanese gags. I'm not his fan but I'm studying abroad in Japan at the moment and I feel this is where Korea falls short in comparison to Japan. To have one of Japan's top group members as a guest on your show requires a certain level of respect... But what was this? I really hope they reflect over this...

Article reaction #3 'Knee-Drop Guru' was the monkey imitation absolutely necessary?
1.. [+466, -5] To think of all that Kusanagi has done to help improve Korea's image in Japan makes me sick how the show thought they could invite such an important person and treat him in such a manner. Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Se Yoon kept pushing the Korean Japanese sentiments while Cha Seung Won was not even needed on the show. So uncomfortable to watch, so apologetic.

2. [+417, -6] I always knew the three MCs were dumb as rocks but what are the excuses for the PDs and writers? They thought they could air this without trouble? Looks like the producers are as stupid as the MCs.

3. [+318, -17] I was so embarrassed... Yoo Se Yoon, fuc*er...

4. [+57, -0] SMAP member Tsuyoshi is basically on the level of Jang Dong Gun and Jung Woo Sung ㅡㅡ I'm pretty sure he didn't come all the way to Korea to hear Kang Ho Dong scream like a pig and Yoo Se Yoon say stupid sh*t. I was so pissed off watching this episode, I couldn't even contain my anger. Do they not know what this man has done for Korea? ㅡㅡ

5. [+56, -0] They really don't know all that he's done for Korea. Even when Japanese celebrities would tease him for his love for Korea, he'd stand his ground and explain what he loves about the country. How could a Korean show treat such a man with such absolute disrespect?

Article reaction #4 'Knee-Drop Guru' Viewers never even got to hear his reasons for his love for Korea

1. [+135, -2] This episode will obviously arouse more anti-Japanese/anti-Korean sentiment. What pisses me off more is that we have nothing to say that. What an episode that raises our national status...

2. [+133, -1] My face was burning red watching Kwanghee fu*k around and Yoo Se Yoon imitate monkies ㅡㅡ

3. [+132, -1] Looks like I wasn't the only one.. I turned it off because I couldn't stand watching until the end. None of them were prepared for a real discussion. It was basically a Cha Seung Won show with Kusanagi as the special gues

source: Netizenbuzz
Tags: international media, international news, smap

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