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Only in Japan: Porn made just for cats


Yes, you read that headline right. And no, it’s not videos of cats having sex, but rather cleverly marketed movies for people who love watching cats do cat-like things, such as sleeping, playing with toys, stretching in odd positions, and sleeping some more. But the real brilliance is in how far they take the product to imitate the style of Japan’s adult videos. Even the company name, Soft On Nyanko, is a spoof on one of the larger producers of adult entertainment, Soft On Demand (don’t worry, that link is safe).


The movies are called neko AV (cat AV), where “AV” usually stands for “adult video” in Japan, here it’s supposed to mean “animal video.” The parody continues with the box art, showcasing the same lettering design, phrases, and picture layouts on the back cover as you would find on the average Japanese porn DVD. Even Soft On Nyanko’s website (again, safe link) mimics the large warning page on adult websites, only instead of asking visitors if they are of legal age, it makes sure that they really like cats.

The internet craze of funny cat pictures is just as popular in Japan as in the West, so it makes sense how the joke about cat pornography would come about. But Soft On Nyanko has apparently been around since 2003, and these videos are nowhere near mainstream, so one wonders how much they really sell. I absolutely adore cats myself, but I’m just as content to watch my own do silly things. You have to them credit though, this is one clever gag, even by Japanese standards. Check out more of the box covers below.


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