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Dragon Quest VII on 3DS sells 1 million copies in Japan


Only out in the market for a week, and yet Dragon Quest VII has already sold 1 million units in all of Japan. The video game itself is not new, it was originally released ten years ago for the PlayStation console. Re-released for the Nintendo 3DS, there were many improvements made to the game, which include better graphics, quicker leveling pace, and smoother gameplay.

Dragon Quest is Japan’s longest running role-playing game (RPG) series, with the latest being Dragon Quest X for the Nintendo Wii, released in 2012. Many are skeptical that the series is beginning to dwindle as sales of the 10th Dragon Quest were reportedly not at par to expectations, probably owing to the requirement that subscription fees needed to be paid to play online. The re-release of Dragon Quest VII, however, was a different matter. The title is not only already popular, but it was released for a portable gaming console—the Nintendo 3DS. And really, consumers would rather buy the portable version if they only had to choose one, as so many are in possession of the device.

Perhaps of significant importance is the fact that gamers have been thirsting for a traditional release of the Dragon Quest series because Dragon Quest IX and X are both focused more on social interaction, being online RPGs. Fans have been waiting to go on a solid single player campaign for some time now. While there is still no word if the game will travel to the U.S., it is not unlikely to see an English version of Dragon Quest VII soon, what with its success and all.


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