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Aragaki Yui & Ayano Go to star in spring drama "Sora tobu Kouhoushitsu"


Aragaki Yui and Ayano Go will be working together in the new TBS spring 2013 drama "Sora tobu Kouhoushitsu" (The Flying PR Room) which will begin its run from 14 April at 9pm on Sundays. The story is based on Arikawa Hiro who is also well-known for other works such as "Freeter, Ie wo Kau" and "Toshokan Sensou" and the novel was one of the nominees for the Naoki Award this year.

Aragaki plays Rika, a director at a TV station who gets transferred to an informative programme from the news department against her own will. As a result of the move, she has to work closely with the PR department of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and starts to change her mind about what success means to her after interacting with the people there. On the other hand, Ayano plays the role of Sorai who used to be a pilot of a fighter jet and had a promising career which was abruptly ended when he got into a traffic accident. As a result, he had to give up his pilot dream and attempt to restart his career in the PR department. Shibata Kyohei will play Sagisaka, the director of the PR department who gives support as these young people attempt to find another dream in life. Filming will be fully supported by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and done entirely at the actual PR department instead of a studio set.


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