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Rumor: PlayStation 4 controller prototype pictured


Destructoid has published a photo of what looks to be a prototype of the PlayStation 4 controller with a PlayStation 4 developer kit in the background.

Kotaku sources have backed the outlet’s post, saying it’s “the real deal,” but “may not represent the final form of the controller.”

I wouldn’t think it does. Looks way too “this is just for development purposes” compared to Sony’s usually sexy sleek designs.

The controller seems to match the description of what’s been rumored: touch-pad in the center and repositioned PlayStation, Start, and Select buttons. Not mentioned in earlier rumors, however, is the light up-top the controller and the speaker just below the touchpad. And if you look closely, there even appears to be a microphone jack (or something similar) at the controller’s base.

Digital Foundry has tweeted another photo of the supposed controller, clearly displaying a headphone jack at its base.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Tags: rumors, technology, video games

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