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Model Suzuki Emi marries a non-celebrity man on Valentine’s Day

Suzuki, Emi_image

It was reported that model Suzuki Emi who appears in several magazines, including female fashion magazine “MORE“, married a non-celebrity man who works for a fashion-related company on Valentine’s Day.

According to people who are close to the couple, they first met at a birthday party for a mutual friend last fall, and began dating around 3 months ago. Reportedly, they went to a ward office in Tokyo together in the early dawn of 14th, and registered their marriage. They’re already living together, and Suzuki stated to people around her how she was “attracted to his kind and reliable personality.”

Suzuki’s agency admitted to her marriage, and Suzuki left a happy comment through the agency, “After I met him, many things started changing at a fast pace as if it was magic. Though it doesn’t seem real to me sometimes, this whole marriage process is just like us and I feel happy about it.” Regarding her work, she said, “Just like up until now, I would like to continue to enjoy working at my own pace.”

Source & Image: Sanspo (1+2), tokyohive

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