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PlayStation 4 announced, out this holiday


Sony has announced PlayStation 4, its next generation games console, for a holiday 2013 release at PlayStation Meeting 2013 in New York City.

“Our vision for the future is consumer-centric, developer-inspired, and characterized by an unwavering commitment to phenomenal play experiences,” said Sony Comupter Entertainment president and Group CEO Andrew House. “Today we are revealing the genesis of an expanding ‘idea’ about the future of play – an idea with enough potential to satisfy the insatiable appetites of our creative community of developers and gamers.”

The console moves away from the Cell architecture found in PlayStation 3 for a more PC-like architecture. It’s built from a supercharged PC architecture, an X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU, and 8 gigabytes of GDDR5 unified memory.

“We wanted to ensure that nothing would come between the platform and the joy of play,” Cerny said. “We also wanted to be sure that the system architecture could fluidly connect the player to a larger world of experiences, and provide easy access to everything PlayStation has to offer – across the console and mobile spaces, and PlayStation Network. And we were able to create, in PS4, a platform by game creators for game creators.”


Main Processor
Single-chip custom processor
CPU: x86-64 AMD “Jaguar,” 8 cores
GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon™ based graphics engine


Hard Disk Drive

Optical Drive (read only)
Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0) 、AUX

Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)

AV output
Analog-AV out
Digital Output (optical)

DualShock 4


  •    A highly sensitive six-axis sensor.

  •    Touch-pad on the front of the controller.

  •    Light bar on the top with three color LEDs that illuminate in various colors. This illuminates to match the color of characters in a game to offer a simpler, more friendly way to identify players, even when playing side by side. It also changes patterns during gameplay to provide “useful information” to gamers, like when a character is low on health or has taken a major hit.

  •    Built-in speaker. Sound effects will come out of both the TV and controller.

  •    Headphone jack. A Mono Headset will be bundled with every PlayStation 4, allowing gamers to chat while playing online.

  •    Options button: integrates previous controllers’ Start and Select buttons into a single button.

  •    Share button: allows gamers to easily broadcast their gameplay in real-time to friends through internet streaming services such as Ustream. Users can also share their triumphs and accomplishments by uploading video gameplay to Facebook.

  •    Improved triggers: Sony worked with key partners in the development community to improve the feel of the left / right sticks and the trigger buttons, the result is a much tighter sense of control over in-game actions.

PlayStation 4 Eye
A new PlayStation Eye featuring dual “high-sensitive cameras” that have “wide-angle lenses with 85 degree diagonal angle views” and “can recognize depth of space precisely” will be released alongside PlayStation 4. This allows the camera to be able to cut out the image of the player from the background, or grasp his location in front and behind. It also has four microphones built-in.

Players will be able to use the camera as an identifier to log in to their PlayStation 4 through facial recognition. The camera can also recognize the light bar on the DualShock 4 controller to judge the positions of multiple players and set them in the same positions in-game.

PlayStation 4 Eye also supports the PlayStation Move controller, and can now detect the motion controller “more accurately than ever.”

Backwards Compatibility

PlayStation 4 will not be backwards compatible with PlayStation 3 titles, however, through cloud technology—specifically, a new service called PlayStation Cloud—PSone, PS2, and PlayStation 3 games can be accessed across a variety of PlayStation-certified devices. This will be rolled out in phases.


With PlayStation 4, digital games can be played even as they’re downloading. A secondary custom chip built into the system, which manages uploads and downloads, will also allow players to download games in the background even when the system’s main power is off.


PlayStation 4 owners will be able to record and share gameplay with friends, host livestream sessions, and more. If a friend is watching you play the new Killzone via a livestream session, for example, and you’re stuck at a certain part, you can actually have your friend take over the controller for you, from his location, to beat the area you’re having difficulty with.

The system’s friends system will be based on already-existing social networks, according to Sony, and is built for connections with real-world friends. A profile page shows the activities of PlayStation Network user “DayZ100,” whose real name Henry Bayle is listed just above. It shows he’s been playing Knack for the last 40 minutes, in the Monte Verde area. You can join his game, if you like. Three minutes ago, he shared a video he recorded from his session. On the side, you can see an image of Bayle, send him a message, voice chat with him, look at his trpohies, see his other recent activies, view his about page, or see his other friends.

Remote Play

The new system will also support remote play via PlayStation Vita, allowing players to play their PlayStation 4 games on PS Vita at any time. The long-term goal, according to Sony, is to make every PlayStation 4 game compatible with remote play.

“PS Vita is the ultimate companion device for PS4, enabling gamers to pull their games from their beautiful HDTVs to PS Vita’s beautiful 5-inch screen,” said Gaikai CEO David Perry.

User Interface

Here are some shots of the PlayStation 4′s user interface:




The Games

The following games are confirmed for PlayStation 4:

    Driveclub (WWS Evolution Studios)
    inFAMOUS: Second Son (WWS Sucker Punch Productions)
    Killzone: Shadow Fall (WWS Guerrilla Games)
    Knack (WWS Japan Studio)
    Deep Down (working title) (Capcom)
    Destiny (Activision Publishing, Inc. / Bungie, Inc.)
    Diablo III (Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.)
    The Witness (Thekla, Inc. / Jonathan Blow)
    Watch Dogs (Ubisoft Entertainment)
    Untitled Final Fantasy (Square Enix)

Additional titles will “continue to be announced,” said Sony, with “full support of SCE Worldwide Studios, third-party developers and publishers, nad the independent development community.”

The following developers have also been confirmed to support the console: Activision, tri-Ace, Capcom, Chara-Ani, Atlus, Artdink, From Software, Keen, Yukes, Saber, Granzella, Paradox Interactive, Imageepoch, Mages, Nippon Ichi Software, Nixxes, Sony Online Entertainment, Sumo Digital, Ninja Theory, Splash Damage, Genki, Falcom, Sega, Kadokawa, Spike Chunsoft, marvelous AQL, Team17, SystemSoft, Level-5, Starbreeze, Rebellion, EA, Namco Bandai, Arc System Works, D3 Publisher, WB Games, Rockstar Games, GungHo Online Entertainment, Square Enix, CD Projekt RED, Zen Studios, Yager, Climax, Stainless Games, Xing, Konami, Tecmo Koei, Doublefine Productions, Disney, 2K Games, CyberConnect2, Wiw, Just Add Water, Hello Games, Peak Vox, LucasArts, O-Two, Ganbarion, Bethesda Softworks, Mercurysteam, Avalanche Studios, Grasshopper Manufacture, Tose Software, Crafts & Meister, 505 Games, Platinum Games, Blitz Game Studios, Gust, Acquire, Lucid, ASCII Media Works, Dimps, Telltale Games, and Idea Factory.

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