monotunous (monotuned) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Kaname Jun preparing to get married (?!!)

On February 19th, it was revealed that actor Kaname Jun (31) is preparing to get married.

Kaname’s agency released a fax statement after several sources reported the actor’s marriage to a former talento: “It’s true that Kaname Jun is currently making preparations for marriage.”

They commented, “When the time comes, we will once again report it to everybody. Until then, we ask that you please watch over him warmly.”

Kaname himself wrote on his official Twitter account, “Right now is a very important time for the two of us. I will continue using this Twitter as before, so I ask for your support.”

Source & Source's source

That... that... congrats to him! /sniffles
Tags: actor/actress, twitter

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