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Ore Ore Trailer & Kame's 33 Missions

Theme Song: KAT-TUN- FACE to Face

On February 21st, KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya appeared at a promotional event for his starring movie “Ore Ore (It’s me, It’s me).”

“Ore Ore” is based on Hoshino Tomoyuki’s award-winning novel, and it’s directed by Miki Satoshi (“Jikou Keisatsu”, “Instant Numa”).

The story revolves around an electronics retail store worker named “Nagano Hitoshi ” (Kamenashi), who becomes involved in a scam called “ore ore sagi” (* “ore ore sagi” is a kind of scam that is primarily targeted at the elderly. The scammer calls their target, pretends to be someone they know, usually their relatives, and asks for money.)

While Hitoshi goes around pretending to be other people, he finds that “me” starts multiplying, having the same face and personality. Before long, the elimination of the other “me” begins. In the movie, Kamenashi plays 33 of “me”, such as a “military enthusiast me”, “big breasted me”, and “full-body tattoo me”.

Kamenashi commented, “It was like I appeared in every single scene, and I had to memorize the whole script. It was quite a heavy experience as I can’t even bring the hard task to remembrance.” He then continued, “I was always in the middle of costume change, but I was able to utilize my fast changing clothes skills which I have built up through live concerts.”

Other than Kamenashi, the director Miki, Uchida Yuki who plays the mysterious heroine named “Sayaka”, and Kase Ryo who plays “Tajima” a sarcastic boss of Hitoshi, appeared at the event.

During the event, it was announced that Kamenashi would have to challenge himself with 33 missions until the release day. Kamenashi said while dropping his shoulders, “So you guys are driving me into a corner again.” which had Kase and Uchida taking pity on him.

“Ore Ore” is scheduled for release on May 25th, and KAT-TUN’s song “FACE to Face” has been chosen as its theme song.

[33 Missions]

Kame, who plays 33 characters in the movie, will challenge 33 missions before the May 25th premiere date. Missions 1-25 have been revealed on the official site, but secret missions 26-33 will be revealed at a later date.

Mission 01: I'll declare that I'll do 33 missions!
Completed: 2/21

Mission 02: I'll memorize all the names of the 33 "Ore"s I play.
Mission 03: I'll reveal in a magazine the 1st place character of the popularity contest for the 33 "Ore"s I play.
Mission 04: I'll write a testimonial for the movie "Ore Ore" and send it to theaters where it will be released.
Mission 05: I'll make a tie-in CM for the movie "Ore Ore".
Mission 06: I'll report 33 things to note about "Ore Ore" with the feelings of the 33 "Ore"s.
Mission 07: I'll write 33 "Ore" [kanji] characters every day.
Mission 08: I'll recite "Ore Ore is a big hit!" every day.
Mission 09: I'll say "Ore" on the 3/3 TV program "Going".
Mission 10: I'll dash to a certain place in the metropolitan area carrying an "Ore Ore" flag on 3/3.
Mission 11: I'll wake up at 3:33 on 3/3.
Mission 12: I'll stop a stop watch (w/ my internal clock) at 33 seconds.
Mission 13: I'll make 33 hits in one day.
Mission 14: I'll cook a dish with 33 types of ingredients.
Mission 15: I'll go to the 333 meters tall Tokyo Tower.
Mission 16: I'll name 33 "aspects like this" of Kamenashi Kazuya.
Mission 17: I'll climb the stairs to the 33rd floor.
Mission 18: I'll eat 33 pieces of sushi in 33 minutes.
Mission 19: I'll scoop up 33 goldfish.
Mission 20: I'll blow out 33 candles in one go.

★ Mission from Director Satoshi Miki ★
Mission 21: I'll reveal in the media the 33rd place character of the popularity contest for the 33 "Ore"s I play.

★ Mission from Director Satoshi Miki ★
Mission 22: I'll think of a menu with 33 arrangements of chilled Chinese noodles.

★ Mission from Director Satoshi Miki ★
Mission 23: I'll remember the words "Ore Ore" in 33 languages.

★ Mission from Director Satoshi Miki ★
Mission 24: I'll make the mi (me = ore) sound with a recorder 33 times in succession.

★ Mission from Director Satoshi Miki ★
Mission 25: I'll light a lighter 33 times in succession.

Secret Missions -
Mission 26: TBA
Mission 27: TBA
Mission 28: TBA
Mission 29: TBA
Mission 30: TBA
Mission 31: TBA
Mission 32: TBA
Mission 33: TBA

credits 1, 2, 3

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