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AKB Fan Threatens Sarin Gas Attack Over Commercial


Major correspondence education company U-can has confirmed it received a threat over Twitter indicating a possible sarin gas attack. Recently, the company has used the idol group AKB48 in its commercials and promotional materials- something that the person who wrote the threat apparently did not approve of.

Twitter user @onz9 wrote:

“Saying AKB needs to take these kind of courses is calling them stupid. Well, that’s stupid! On behalf of the AKB fans, I hereby swear to wrap the head office of U-can with sarin gas.”

The writer’s choice of the word 巻く (maku, meaning”wrap”) is a bit odd, but perhaps this is simply a play on words since it sounds exactly the same as the word for “spray”, which uses a different kanji character, and this is a subtle attempt to avoid getting into trouble? Preceded by the formal statement “I hereby swear”, however, the tweet certainly sounds like a genuine intention to actually carry out this criminal act.

No matter how you feel about AKB48 or U-can or their collaboration, it goes without saying that it is not worth making death threats over. That being said, as we’ve seen before, AKB’s fans can certainly be a little on the sensitive side at times.

The police are currently looking into this matter, and we will keep you posted of further developments.

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