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Omasa Aya and Honda Tsubasa to become beautiful vampires in a new drama


It was announced that actress Omasa Aya will star in TV Tokyo’s upcoming drama “Vampire Heaven” that will begin airing in April.

Omasa will play a beautiful vampire named “Sakurako” while Honda Tsubasa will be Sakurako’s best friend and also vampire named “Komachi”. The human male, whom the two vampires fall in love with, will be played by Hiraoka Yuta.

The drama will be written and directed by Seta Natsuki who has worked with Omasa in movie “Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan“, and this will mark the first time for her to direct a TV drama.

The synopsis will be a sad love story in which two beautiful vampires “Sakurako” (Omasa) and “Komachi” (Honda) fall in love with a man named “Hayato” (Hiraoka).


After violating a taboo in the world of vampires, Sakurako and Komachi come down to the world of humans, and encounter a human male, Hayato. Though Sakurako instantly falls in love with Hayato, vampires have the disposition that the more they love somebody, the more they desire the person’s blood. Sakurako finds out she can resist the uncontrollable impulse to suck blood somehow when she plays music, thus she strums on a guitar while thinking of her loved one. Komachi worries about Sakurako, but eventually, she also becomes attracted to Hayato.


Reportedly, Skurako’s real age is 170 years old although she looks 20. She is particularly beautiful even among the vampires, but she has no experience with love. Komachi is actually 165 years old, but looks 20, and has a very vampire-like personality as she can be a little selfish and also has a cruel side.  On the other hand, Hayato is a good looking guy, trying to become a professional musician. He keeps himself above all the vulgarity around him, but has an arrogant attitude toward others.

“Vampire Heaven” is scheduled to air starting on April 12th (Every Friday at 12:52 am).

Source & Image: MANTAN WEB, tokyohive

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