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Fukumoto Aina Announces Graduation From NMB48

Ainyan pretty smile
At NMB48 Team N's stage show today (on the 23rd of February 2013), Team N member Fukumoto Aina announced her graduation.
She is set to graduate from the group in June 2013 but an actual date has not been fixed yet.


Regarding her own graduation, here is a translation Ainyan's comment:

"I, Fukumoto Aina, will graduate from NMB48.
I'm sorry for surprising everyone with this sudden announcement.
I made by decision whether to graduate or not after thinking it over and over and over it again.
I thought about it really thoroughly before coming to the conclusion of graduating.
NMB48 has been formed about 2 years and 5 months ago.
Since then, we have been really blessed.
In less than a year, we were given regular TV shows and radio shows in the Kansai area.

Personally, my aim for the future is to become a variety talent.
Each and every opportunity has been important to me.
All the talents who gave me the chance to appear with them, they all taught me new things in different ways.
Thanks to everyone who supported me last year, I was able to rank in the senbatsu elections.
My chances to appear on shows increased as well.
I thought I wanted to challenge myself even more.
So, I participated in the Osaka Marathon.
It was a year where I've grown a lot.
I felt accomplished everyday, and in the midst of that, I deeply thought about what my dreams are.
I want to take on the challenge of being a solo talent, and fully embrace my plans to increase my variety skills.
I want to start walking on the road to becoming a variety talent.
So, I've decided to stand on a new starting line again.
It was not something I decided on lightly.
I have no regrets in coming to the decision to graduate.
This graduation would mean I could take my first step towards my new dream.
I know that the road ahead won't be an easy one, but I'm ready for it.
That's why I will work even harder than now.
I will show you all that my dream will come true.
To all the fans, staff, family and friends who have supported me until now,
And all the members who I've spent everyday with and been with me until today,
I will give it my all to show an Aina that shines.
I'll be grateful if you'll watch over me with kind eyes.
I love NMB48.
From now on, please continue to support me."

Here is the video link of Ainyan (Fukumoto Aina) announcing her graduation:


Ainyan Collage 2

Wowww...this was the first thing I woke up to earlier today...and I was...really stunned.
She is like my 2nd favourite member...and someone I consider even as an this suddenly.
However, hearing what she had to say, it's definitely something I'll continue to support her in.
I respect her for challenging her dream out there now, and I wish her all the best for her future.
In NMB, she was always so diligent, dedicated, loyal and loving.

Ainyan Collage 3

With both members and fans, she is always warm and friendly.
It was really nice seeing all the posts and photos the members  posted for her on GPlus and their blogs.
Whether it was a fellow Team N member, or a member from Team M, BII and even KKS, all of them had kind words to say to Ainyan.
No doubt everyone loves her very much, and will have her back even after graduation.
Ainyan really was an impact to everyone in NMB ^_^

It'll be sad to see one of NMB48 Top 5 members go, but it's for sure she always will be an integral part of NMB48.
I'm guessing she'll stay on with Yoshimoto to continue pursuing her dream, so perhaps she might still be able to be in contact with the members now and then.
Either way, though it's very bittersweet, I wish Ainyan the best in everything!! <3

And lots of Ainyan photos cause this is her dedication post :P
P.S. I got almost all these photos from the members' post today O.O

Ainyan Collage 1
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