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Jin and Meisa in love and happily married despite career differences


As reported by Shukan Shincho,

On February 12th, Meisa appeared in a press conference for ongoing Taiga drama “Yae no Sakura” at the NHK broadcasting center. This is her first comeback drama after she gave birth to her daughter back in September, and she’s been participating in the filming for the drama starting on Feb 7th.  Meisa plays an important role opposite Ayase Haruka's character.  However, it's not a leading role.  So to have a media coverage of her appearance on the Taiga drama is really exceptional for NHK.

Meisa was due to start filming the series last December but NHK had to adjust the schedule so she can get back into shape after gaining weight from her pregnancy.   Since she was on maternity leave, she had gone back to her parents' home in Okinawa and returned to Tokyo at the end of November.   There was no way she could start filming in early December.  NHK had requested for Meisa for this role since December of 2011 before her marriage to Jin in February 2012.   And with her pregnancy, they had to adjust the schedule for her.  Takeko Nakano is an important role in the taiga drama.  She commanded a group of fighters and she is an expert in using naginata.   There was a scene in which Yae shoots a gun in the boshin war by the 1st  broadcast, Takeko Nakano was also going to appear in this scene.   So NHK had to change the script partially for Meisa to appear.

It's just to show that athough Meisa's role is not a leading role,  NHK is willing to make a press conference to announce her appearance and changing the script for her.  There seems to be hardly any criticism against her.  So Meisa's future work is very favorable.

As for Jin, he has not had any work for a year since their shotgun marriage last February.   And Jin is free to do whatever he wants in his daily life.  Before their marriage,  Jin was shooting for the movie 47 ronin starring Keanu Reeves.  But the movie has been delayed until December 2013.  At the end of last year,  Jin, Yamapi and Ryo were photographed by tabloids FRIDAY and Shukan Josei at Jin's brother birthday party in a club.  Johnny's Office was angry at the reunion of Akanishi Troop which further lead to Jin not having any work.  Now, the gap of income between Meisa and Jin is a big difference, and the gap is spreading steadily.  But what important is the direction of their marital relationship,   It has been said that since Jin is free, he's spending lots of time with his family.   Jin and Meisa were seen going shopping all happy and lovey-dovey.   Not having any work creates an ideal situation for Jin to devote his time to his wife and baby.  

People were surprised at the change in Jin when an entertainment insider overheard Jin at a cafe in Daikanyama praising how amazing Meisa is in Yae no Sakura.  And how Jin is pleased with Meisa's activities.  It is surprising to see Jin is not jealous of Meisa's career.  The "old" Jin would be jealous for sure.   Is Jin thinking of retiring from the entertainment industry?

Source: johnnys-watcher1 , johnnys-watcher2 translated by 4miu_miu
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