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Nakai Masahiro and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi to star in TV Asahi drama SPs


Nakai Masahiro and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi will star in two TV Asahi drama SPs shown over two consecutive weeks as reported on 24 February.

Nakai will play the role of a ryotei chef in the remake of the "Aji Ichimone" series which was a full length series shown between 1995 and 1996 and had three drama SPs, In this latest instalment, there will be a new chef from France joining the ryotei. Co-stars include Kuninaka Ryoko and Kaname Jun.

As for Kusanagi, he will play a police detective who was framed for attempted murder and spent 10 years in jail. After he was released, he gets his job back and is sent to Kyoto Prefectural Police where he takes part in special investigations which tap on his in-depth knowledge about criminals. Co-stars include Minami Kaho and Oosugi Ren.

Tags: actor/actress, drama, nakai masahiro, smap

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