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'J Series Festival' in Thailand

'Junno' of the group KAT-TUN to lead Japanese stars to Thailand! To open the 'J Series Festival', the historical cooperation between Thai-Japanese TV broadcasting

To strengthen the true era of the rebirth of Japan fever! Here comes the biggest cooperation in history between Thailand and Japan broadcasting industry under the title "International Drama Festival Committee" to establish "J Series Festival" that is going to bring a lot of Japanese series from popular Japanese TV like NHK, NTV, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Asahi & TV Tokyo as supported by Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (Japan) to be broadcasted on Thai televisions including free-to-air TV channels and satelite channels.

And the make this project with the concept "Not just to show out some 'dramas' but to show the 'inspiring stories'" complete, the opening ceremony of J Series Festival is set to make it big! We will bring the screen characters in to real world! With the representatives of Japanese super stars, leading the team by the enchanting idol "Junnosuke Taguchi", a member of KAT-TUN, one of the  J-Pop boybands of god (lol, that's what the announcement says) together with talented beautiful, awarded actress "Miho Kanna" and guest artists including AVEX's fresh-looking girl group "Tokyo Girls' Style" or Tokyo Joshiryu and two-vocal young male single "PIKO", all of them will bring the Japan's hotness to Thailand on Sunday March 17 at Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theatre, Siam Paragon.

Get ready to the part of this important event which will bring special moments to Japanese series and music fans. To meet upclosed, to attend the press conference and to win a limited chance to take pictures with all the celebrities on stage, to watch the teasers of Japanese dramas that are soon to be broadcasted on various channels in Thailand and to have fun with shows from Tokyo Girls' Style and PIKO! As for the Thailand side will be represented by talented actress Opal (Panisara Pimpru), actor & DJ Bo (Tanakorn Chinnakul) together with the new artist Keng The Voice (Tachaya Pratumwan)....

With all the special treatments are open for everyone to enjoy without payments, at the press conference of "J Series Festival" on Sunday March 17, at Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theatre, Siam Paragon.

translator's note: Junno will come to promote LEGAL HIGH broadcast in Thailand.

source here, credits here

oh Japan's reaching out, and J&A actually sends a representative.
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