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Japanese government proposes the promotion committee for Cool Japan

The government plans to establish a public-private entity in autumn with the aim of promoting exports of Japanese anime, fashion and other goods and content under its "Cool Japan" initiative, informed sources have said.

With Cool Japan promotion being one of its key policy measures, the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe intends to nurture related businesses into major export industries. The government has set aside 50 billion yen as capital of the new entity under its fiscal 2013 draft budget. Early next month, it will submit related bills to the Diet.

On the 26th, the government revealed list of advisers for the campaign's promotion committee. Inada Tomomi was appointed the head of the committee while the seven advisers were revealed.

These advisers include: Akimoto Yasushi (lyricist, and producer of idol group, AKB48), Kadokawa Tsuguhiko (Kadokawa Group Holdings, Inc. chairman), Kin Birei (critic), Koshino Junko ((fashion) designer), Satake (Minokichi company president), Sen Shoushitsu (Urasenke school of tea ceremony head master), Yoda Tatsumi (Gaga Corporation chairman, representative director and CEO).

Their age comes to an average of 67 years old, consisting of three women (counting in Ms. Inada) and five men.

Kadokawa Group Holdings, Inc. is a group holding company, bringing together 43 different companies in publishing, movies and more.
Gaga Corporation is a foreign movies distributer in Japan.
Minokichi is a chain of restaurants centered on traditional Kyoto cuisine.

source, 1

By putting Aki-P on the list, I feel like Abe is saying, 'I don't care about your opinions/feelings/cries for human rights, I just want your money.' Tbh, I'd help them promote for free, but they'd need to get sites up and running in multiple languages. Better yet, hire Kumamon.
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