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Momoiro Clover Z's "younger brother" group, DISH//, to make their major debut

On Saturday, March 3rd, it was announced that DISH// would make their major debut on June this year!

DISH// is an "Air Rock & Dance" unit that's part of Stardust Ent.'s male megagroup, EBiDAN. Stardust Ent. recently became famous for being the home to groups like Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Gakuen Chuugaku and Team Shachihoko, even though it is primarily an agency for actors.

The news were announced during a free event on Tokyo Diver City, in which were performing both DISH// and their brother group, Choutokkyuu. Choutokkyuu had their fourth single announced normally, which only contributed for DISH// members and fans alike to be hit by a big shock when the news were announced.

"I knew nothing but the fact that we were going to release a fourth single, and there wasn’t any important announcement (for Choutokkyuu) so I intended to work hard for that…" member To-i (18) said, teary-eyed.

"Thanks to the support of slashers, we’ve finally made it till here. From now on, please look after us!" said leader RYUJI (16), refering to the nickname they gave to their fans - slashers.

Their first major single will be called I Can Hear and it'll serve as the ending theme for the TV Tokyo anime Naruto Shippuuden starting on April. It'll be released in June, continuing the tradition between DISH// and Choutokkyuu of always releasing singles in the same month - if possible, on the same date as well.

DISH// was formed in 2011, during EBiDAN's Christmas live, and has released three indie singles so far; It's Alright, Peterpan Syndrome and Give me Chocolate. They're known for their high-tension lives, in which they dance and play with their instruments - rather than actually playing them - with great energy. Members TAKUMI (16) and MASAKI (15) are in charge of the vocals and the guitars, while RYUJI and To-i rap and are in charge, respectively, of the bass and DJ/"Frying Dish".

Congratulations to DISH// on their debut! If you wish to, you can check all their PVs on Stardust's official Youtube channel. Here's the PV for the most recent single, Give me Chocolate, which is about a boy who's nervous about not getting any chocolate on Valentine's Day:

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