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KinKuro performed Hikaru Genji's Garasu no Juudai

KinKuro (KinKi Kids & Momoiro Clover Z) performed Hikaru Genji's Garasu no Juudai on SDK 2013.03.03, the 7 idols are singing & dancing together with the dance choreography specially made by Momokuro's choreographer Ishikawa Yumi. SDK also has a talk set renewal & new corner to celebrate its 12th year anniversary on this April.

Source: YT
Alternative: YinYueTai if the youtube one got deleted.

** It's so fun! Male+Female dance group is epic, I'm mesmerized by the fact that even though its a typical Momokuro lively choreography, KinKi futari able to make it into a cool & manly form. And can't wait to watch Suzuki Fuku & KinKi perform Garasu no Shounen on next week SDK!
Tags: fierce and flawless, idols, johnnys entertainment, kinki kids, momoiro clover, tv: music show

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