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Japan holds their first male version Miss Universe Japan, Mr. Japan pageant

Quoting a MISSOSOLOGY member, Xamurai to give some background info:
MUJ is now functioning as a talent and modeling agency. Some of the finalists since 2009 have become contract models under MUJ, and they are the ones who provide their talents with modeling projects or even TV guesting. For example, Miyako Miyazaki is probably the most bankable among their roster of talents (although she was from Batch 2003) and she is like the big sister of everyone. Miyako would guest in some TV talk shows, but her biggest break is being the official spokesperson for Japan's anti-breast cancer campaign.

MUJ is tapping the male group, so they started with the idea of having Mr. Japan. This time, it is for Japanese guys with good looks and brains to back them up. It's a bit of a diversion from he usual "stupid" or "wacky" Japanese celebrity that has dominated the TV scene these past two decades. To make it short, Mr. Japan is the male version or counterpart of MUJ. He will be active in modeling works, but at the same time, he becomes a spokesperson for a certain charitable cause.

On Monday, March 4th, Japan held it's first male version of the Miss Universe Japan pageant. The pageant was managed by MUJ, the same organization responsible for churning a new Miss Universe Japan every year. Under the name, 'Mr. Japan', this is the first of many male pageants to come.

Livestream/Recording of Miss Universe Japan & Mr. Japan

Last year, MUJ began a country-wide search and received applications from 600 hopeful men. They were then narrowed down to eight finalists. After the peliminaries, the men were then cut down to five, who went on to do swimwear and more. The men went through rigorous training and on Monday, the finals of the competition was held. In the end, Mr. Kyoto, 22 year old university student, Takayuki Suzuki stole the crown. The compeition was not based on looks alone, but intelligence and power of expression play an important role. They must also be opinionated and show good leadership as the title holder of Mister Japan. In the end the individual should have the potential of becoming a celebrity, and can have positive influence to the younger generation.

On the day of the competition, contestants were judged on dancing, swimwear, walking, suit and speech. In the, dashing Takayuki Suzuki won overall.

Winner - MR. KYOTO
1st Runner-up - MR. OSAKA
2nd Runner-up - MR. SHIZUOKA
3rd Runner-up - MR. CHIBA
4th Runner-up - MR. MIYAGI

Takayuki left this message on his facebook page:

"Hey everyone!! I became the first ever Mr JAPAN last night! thank you so much for these kind messages and wishes!!! I'm really appreciated that you guys have been cheering me up.

"Do what you wanna do! even it seems hard to do,cause it ain't impossible!!"

I wanna give huge hugs to every single people who gave me a power for the competition! ;)
Thank you

Mr.Japan Takayuki Suzuki

The eight finalists consisted of:

Mr. Kyoto - Takayuki Suzuki (22) / 188cm / University student

Mr. Kanagawa - Ryosuke Shinohara (24) / 185cm / Model

Mr. Miyagi - Yusuke Sasaki (25) / 183cm / Model

Mr. Shizuoka - Taro Shiozaki (20) / 180cm / University student

Mr. Chiba - Yuki Yoshi (20) / 186cm / Model

Mr. Fukushima - Yushi Uruma (21) / 185cm / Model

Mr. Kumamoto - Yuito Ishihara (22) / 182cm / Model

Mr. Osaka - Yutaro Iisaku (18) / 192cm / High school student

Other  Pictures
[More pictures]

Working out

Having dinner together


Two-shots, shots with Miss Universe Japan contestants, being cute, etc


Mr Kyoto

Mr. Miyagi

Mr. Chiba

Mr. Osaka

Mr. Shizuoka

Mr Kyoto winning and other contestants

source: Missosology forums, 2, 3, 4, video, 5

Took me so long to do this but it's finally done. Kinda don't want to run through all the contestants of Miss Universe Japan 2013 now.
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