subARASHIki sekai (meoinkie2) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
subARASHIki sekai

A Metal Slime Keyboard Draws Near!


Square Enix and Hori have a sweet Dragon Quest X Metal Slime Keyboard globbing to a store (not so near) to you. The 109 key USB keyboard has a smiling enter key and includes 12 metal slimes!

You can place use the metal slimes as toppers for the function keys. The Metal Slime Keyboard also includes a liquid metal slime, two blue slimes, an orange slime, and a green slime. That’s 17 slimes for one keyboard. You can stack the extra slimes into a slime tower.

The Dragon Quest X Metal Slime keyboard will give players a slight edge online too. Item codes for two Metal Tickets and an energy ball are included in the package.

You can pick up the Dragon Quest X Metal Slime keyboard on March 30. It’s Wii, Wii U, and PC compatible.

Tags: technology, toys/collectible, video games

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