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Domino’s Pizza Japan Teams Up with Hatsune Miku, Releases Fantastic Cringeworthy Video

Domino’s Pizza stepped things up a gear yesterday when it announced that it is partnering with digital pop idol Hatsune Miku for its latest promotional campaign. As well as allowing them to order pizzas without actually having to speak to anyone, the new Domino’s Pizza feat. Hatsune Miku app for iPhone lets customers enjoy private performances from the singing humanoid by pointing the iPhone’s camera at special app-friendly pizza boxes.

Perhaps even better than the campaign itself, though, is the cheesy video that Domino’s launched yesterday to introduce the app, which features company president Scott Oellkers doing his best to look excited about having his photo taken with the teal-haired star. Corporate enthusiasm aplenty after the break.

Here’s the promotional video in full:

Poor Scott. If you’d told him this time last year that he’d one day be throwing peace signs and posing with a computerized pop star in Japan do you think he’d have believed you?

All jokes aside, the application does actually look pretty cool and is packed full of features that any Miku fan would enjoy. Augmented reality (computer-generated images placed on top of real-world objects, ala Sony’s EyePet software or Nintendo’s AR Cards that come with its 3DS console) is still relatively new to many people, so being able to see a miniature Miku sitting on top of their freshly-delivered pizza box would doubtless be a lot of fun. Albeit while their pizza goes cold.

But remember, kids, you can only enjoy these live shows – featuring music composed by the Domino’s crew, no less – by getting the app. So give in to taste and big companies pretending to like the things you do and download it today!

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