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Kansai Johnny’s Jr.’s first crown movie for March 2013!

Movie Traier and 'NOT FINALE' Theme Song Preview can be viewed HERE or HERE

On December 24th, during the final concert of “Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Xmas Concert 2012″ in Shochikuza (Osaka) it was announced that their first movie “Kansai Johnny’s Jr. no Kyoto Uzumasa Koshinkyoku!” (Directed by Katsuhide Motoki) will go on road show on March 30th, 2013.

With 2 protagonists in the story, Shigeoka Daiki (20) and Kiriyama Akito (23). In a film studio in Kyoto, some young people will try to chase their dreams while drawing the figure of a contemporary version of “Kamata Koshinkyoku“. Shigeoka commented on the appearance of actors Watanabe Ikkei, Nakamura Shido and others, “I freaked out when I read it on the script”.

Kiriyama added, “I want people who don’t know about us to see the movie!”, ”We also heard this morning that we’ll also be in charge of the theme song “NOT FINALE” and we will come up with a combined choreography. I want the audience to enjoy our presence also in screen”. Other Kansai juniors who are part of the cast include Nakama Junta, Hamanaka Bunichi, Kotaki Nozomu, Mukai Koji and Fujii Ryusei.

During the shooting of the movie back in October, they stayed in Kyoto and it is said that a group of them was sent to stay in an inn where dai-senpai Shonentai’s Higashiyama Noriyuki (46) had stayed some time ago. Nakama Junta (25) said, “While I was in some rooms I kept thinking that a star had passed over here”, he revealed to be chasing his senior’s lead.

source: Nikkan Sports| Sankei Sports | Daily Sports | Sponichi Annex
credits: JE News Daily , Uzumasa Koshinkyoku website, FILMSMASH

This is old news, but I don't think this Kansai Jr movie news was posted, Since its near showing, movie website & trailers are up!
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