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Kazoku Game full cast!


Fuji TV have revealed the full cast of Kazoku Game. Joining Sakurai Sho as Yoshimoto (the eccentric tutor) are Kamiki Ryunosuke as Numata Shinichi (eldest son), Uragami Seishuu as Numata Shigeyuki (the second son), Itsuji Itao as Numata Kosuke (the father) and Suzuki Honami as Numata Chikako (the mother). Kutsuna Shiori will be playing as a mysterious female character (named Mica) who approaches Numata Kosuke. She is an original character made for this Kazoku Game 2013 remake and has not appeared in the original work. This also marked Suzuki Honami's first appearance of drama series after 15 years, since Anchor Women. Uragami-kun has won the role via an audition.
Filming has started, as it is reported that the cast has done a photo shoot for the drama's poster, with the costumes for each characters. It is said that Yoshimoto's signature costume will be the same jacket that he'll wear every episodes.
Kazoku Game's airing started on Wednesday 10 pm, April 17th, 2013.

Source: FujiTV, nikkansports, sponichi

translation done by google translate and me. There bound to be some mistakes. Please let me know.
*seems like Urakami-kun is a new actor? I can't find his correct naming, or picture, other than the FujiTV one.Edited! Thanks to kat_desu
and April 17th is my nephew birthday! what a coincidence :p
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