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Nana Katase to play SM worker, mother in “HK: Hentai Kamen”


Today it was revealed that actress Nana Katase (31) will appear in Yuichi Fukuda’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Hentai Kamen. Katase will play Maki Shikijo, an SM dominatrix and mother of protagonist Kyosuke Shikijo (Ryohei Suzuki).

Originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, the original manga revolves around a young man who unleashes his full physical potential as a heroic justice-seeking pervert when he wears a pair of panties over his face as a mask. Although the title only lasted a year from 1992-1993, it has a cult following and a few key supporters in the entertainment business. Actor Shun Oguri, who helped pen the script, was reportedly a big fan and it was his interest in a live-action adaptation which initially got the project off the ground.

In the movie, Katase’s character Maki raises Kyosuke as a single mother when her detective husband is killed in the line of duty. She first met Kyosuke’s father (Narushi Ikeda) when he entered her SM club to apprehend a criminal who he finds fully adorned in masochist gear and tied to a post. When he meets Maki, the two fall in love at first sight.

Due to the influence of his late father, Kyosuke grows up with an extremely strong sense of justice and is punished by his mother when he shows weakness. When the object of his unrequited love is taken hostage during a bank robbery, he’s determined to rescue her from the criminals. However, while attempting to disguise himself he accidentally puts a pair of panties over his face instead of a mask. This mistake unleashes the latent power within by him combining the heroic genes of his father and the perverted genes of his mother. Inheriting his mother’s prowess as a sadist, he also gains a super-human ability to utilize weapons and ropes to punish criminals.

Although Katase is only a year older than Suzuki, she claims that they still “seem like parent and child for some reason”.

“HK: Hentai Kamen” will be released nationwide in Japan on April 13.

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