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Japanese man arrested for stealing 90 high school girls’ uniforms


A 40 year old Japanese man from Kanagawa Prefecture has been arrested and charged with the theft of nearly 90 items of uniform clothing belonging to female high school students. Originally caught last month sneaking onto the premises of a school in order to add to his “collection,” a recent search of his home uncovered the library of worn clothing he had acquired.

A search warrant for Yasushi Uehara’s home, located in the city of Sagamihara, led to the discovery of uniform item ranging from white blouses and blazers, often part of the basic uniforms worn everyday by high school student across the country, to the shirts and short worn during physical education (P.E.) classes and even frilled cheerleader uniforms. Police say that Uehara has admitted to the thefts.

You would think that with stealing close to 100 items of clothing, the local schools would be well on the look-out for people who don’t belong entering the premises. But that’s just the thing, Uehara traveled to schools in a number of areas in Japan, including Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa, in the east, as well as the prefectures of Shiga and Nara, in the east, near Kyoto. However, he was first caught on February 23rd when a teacher found him in a public high school in his home territory of Kanagawa. No word on how long he had been carrying out his illicit “hobby.”

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