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NINKI ratings for the week of 18/3~24/3/2013


02 48.70 Shoujo Jidai - BEST SELECTION NON STOP MIX
03 45.80 livetune feat. Hatsune Miku - Re:Dial
04 32.20 Kalafina - Consolation
05 25.90 Eric Clapton - Old Sock
06 24.00 GARNET CROW - Terminus
07 23.40 IU - Can You Hear Me?
08 22.80 Makihara Noriyuki - Haru Uta, Natsu Uta。 ~Donna Toki mo。~
09 19.10 Koda Kumi - Koda Kumi Driving Hit's 5
10 18.70 40mP feat. Hatsune Miku, GUMI - Shintai Sokutei


01 130.90 HKT48 - Suki! Suki! Skip!
02 70.60 T-ARA - Banisuta!
03 45.70 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ninjari Ban Ban
04 43.20 TOKIO - Tegami
05 34.20 S/mileage - Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita
06 26.30 Alice Nine - Daybreak
07 20.40 FLOW - HERO ~Kibou no Uta~ / CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA
08 19.40 Tsuruno Takeshi - Chuggington SPECIAL Single
09 18.80 SE7EN - Arigatou
10 18.00 Sumire - The Season In The Sun

Note 1:

The NINKI ratings are the results of a POLL conducted by Oricon indicating degree of interest/degree of purchase intention in an upcoming release. Although the ratings are never a true reflection of sales, it does give a strong prediction about where the single/album will place in terms of popularity amongst the Japanese public. However, they are NOT an indication of how it will perform in terms of chart positioning and total sales for the week.

Note 2:

According to Oricon's note under the NINKI page, Oricon researches about 870,000 of its members by random sampling of 400 members in their 10s until 40s. 50 men and 50 women are chosen randomly to participate in each age group. (However, some popular artists have had NINKI exceeding 500, so we can only assume that Oricon has extended the polling to around 600/700 people now.)

Some other new releases (according to CDJapan listing):

Singles - Aimer, Kitano Kii to SUNEOHAIR, BEGIN, INFINITY 16 welcomez AK-69, Lee Jun Ki

Albums - Flower Companyz, MELL, Lin, mihimaru GT, N'SHUKUGAWA BOYS, KOKIA, LAST ALLIANCE

Looks like we'll be getting quite a weak week next week, with the exception of maybe HKT48 or T-ARA (they have 10 versions this time). I wonder how HKT will do.

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