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Morning Musume to hold 12th generation member audition

On March 16th, producer Tsunku made a surprise appearance at Morning Musume’s live tour where he announced that he will be opening the group’s 12th generation member audition. The new audition will have the theme “future girl audition”. He declared, “I want to discover a natural, future girl that will make tomorrow’s generation for Morning Musume.

The audition will be open to girls from ages 10 to 17 and applications are due on April 30th. 11th generation member Oda Sakura, who crouched down in surprise after hearing the announcement, said, “Before the show, I had a feeling that there would be an announcement like this.” Meanwhile, 10th generation member Kudo Haruka begged to Tsunku, “Eh, isn’t it too early? I don’t want someone too boyish to join. Leave that to me!

Tanaka Reina, who will be graduating after this tour, showed anticipation for the new member(s), “I want a yankee to come. When I graduate, there won’t be a problem child anymore. It would be nice if someone self-assertive and energetic, someone who won’t lose to me would come.” Leader Michishige Sayumi added, “Right now, I’m the cutest. It’s no joke. For the 12th generation, I want someone that will make me a joke and surpass my cuteness to join.


I'd rather they focus on actually starting to using and showcasing more than the same two or three girls, but if the new girls are anywhere as good as Sakura, that'd be cool too.

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