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Sexy Zone New Single- Real Sexy!/ BAD BOYS

Sexy Zone's 4th single comes as a double A-side, featuring the songs Real Sexy! and BAD BOYS, theme song to Nakajima Kento's lead drama role, Bad Boys J. It is scheduled to be released on May 1, 2013.


01. Real Sexy!
(フジテレビ系「超潜入! リアルスコープハイパー」テーマソング )
(日本テレビ ドラマ「BAD BOYS J」主題歌 )
03. Just今しかない
04. High!! High!! People ~movie remix~
05. Real Sexy! Inst.
06. BAD BOYS Inst.
07. Just今しかない Inst.
08. High!! High!! People ~movie remix~ Inst.

Limited Edition A: DVD with a music video of the song Real Sexy!
Limited Edition B: DVD with special movie in New York starring. Shori, Kento and Fuma. Also includes a 12-page photo booklet.
Limited Edition C: DVD with making-of for Real Sexy! music video. Also includes a 12-apge photo booklet.

Regular Edition First Press: Picture disc, and an original trading card randomly selected from 5 kinds

credits 1, 2

WTH is that title lol. But w/e, here for Nakaken (okay, Fuma is awesome too). Why is this a double A side when there's no PV for Bad Boys? Noooo why they're not yet keen on adjusting SZ to Nakaken & Fuma
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