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Japan Box Office Report – March 16th/17th

(02) 'Platina Data' / (01) 'Doraemon' / (03) 'Precure All Stars New Stage 2'
After the recent influx of somewhat intriguing Western movies that dominated the Japanese box office charts, it’s finally the first time this year that the top 3 of the box office chart is made up of Japanese movies only.

The top 3 is led by ‘Doraemon‘ which defended its first place from the previous weekend. It was followed by the latest Higashino Keigo adaptation ‘Platina Data‘ that experienced great hype thanks to Arashi’s popularity. The most followers on Twitter for a Japanese movie ever, a record-selling theme song by Arashi, and the biggest scale in terms of opening day stage greeting with over 60,000 attendees.

Third place opened another movie of a popular anime series – ‘Eiga Precure All Stars New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi‘. It slightly surpassed the opening weekend of its direct prequel.

Other new movies in the top 10 include ‘Himawari to Koinu no 7-kakan‘ – starring Sakai Masato – and the belated Japanese release of ‘Cloud Atlas‘.

Don’t forget to check out the trailers of all the new Japanese movies below the box office chart!

Japan Box Office Chart – March 16th/17th

01 (01) Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no Himitsu Dougu Museum (Weeks: 02)
02 (00) Platina Data (Weeks: 01)
03 (00) Eiga Precure All Stars New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi (Weeks: 01)
04 (02) Oz: The Great and Powerful (Weeks: 02)
05 (00) Himawari to Koinu no 7-kakan (Weeks: 01)
06 (03) Flight (Weeks: 03)
07 (04) A Good Day to Die Hard (Weeks: 05)
08 (05) Ted (Weeks: 09)
09 (00) Cloud Atlas (Weeks: 01)
10 (06) Les Miserables (Weeks: 13)

(Note: The ranking is not based on the revenue, but the number of sold tickets!)

Short Facts:

- ‘Doraemon’ cumulative results – viewers: 1,102,266 / revenue: 1,231,703,850 Yen (12,985,853 USD)
- ‘Platina Data’ opened with 305,743 viewers (310 screens) and a revenue of 400,496,000 Yen (4,222,429 USD)
- ‘Platina Data’ audience details: 6% men and 94% women; 34.6% in their late teens; 17.4% in their forties
- ‘Platina Data’ audience details: 45.2% only watched it because of Ninomiya Kazunari
- ‘Eiga Precure All Stars’ opened with 175,930 viewers (174 screens) and a revenue of 196,577,300 Yen (2,072,514 USD)
- ‘Himawari to Koinu no 7-kakan’ opened with 73,708 viewers (232 screens) and a revenue of 84,338,400 Yen (889,179 USD)
- ‘Ted’ cumulative results – viewers: 2,955,256 / revenue: 4,019,576,200 Yen (42,378,391 USD)
- ‘Cloud Atlas’ opened with 33,701 viewers (138 screens) and a revenue of 42,806,300 Yen (451,306 USD)
- ‘Les Miserables’ cumulative results – viewers: 4,556,222 / revenue: 5,565,552,250 Yen (58,677,617 USD)

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