subARASHIki sekai (meoinkie2) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
subARASHIki sekai

Preview Namie Amuro's New Track "Can You Feel This Love" For Mezamashi T.V.

A preview of Namie Amuro's new track "Can You Feel This Love" has been released through the singer's official Facebook page.

The track is to be used as Mezamashi T.V.'s new theme song starting on April 1st, with no official date for the release of the single itself. The song's concept is "A song that everyone can sing along to in the morning".

Mezamashi T.V. is renowned for using famous artists, such as Mr.Children and Kuwata Keisuke and this year is no different. As both the show and Namie are celebrating their 20th anniversary, it appears that this was the perfect time for a collaboration.

Tags: namie amuro, teaser

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